A Theory for long-term (decades) beneficial influence on the Earth's climate by means of intensifying the  speed of the Water Circle

If Mankind realises the ideas subject of this Theory even partially,
it would achive the following:

1. Reduction and/or discontinuation of the rate of increase of the global temperatures.
2.  In long-term aspect (decades) – Mankind will be able to harness, assimilate and/or to reduce the Global Warming energy:
  – to increase the photosynthesis, the extraction of CO2 and the emanation of O2 from and to the atmosphere and to postpone in time, the further accumulation of CO2, thus providing a gratis period for the development of ecological technologies;
  – to provide larger quantities of plant raw materials necessary for the production of ecologically clean fuels
(alcohol, biodiesel);
  – to utilize in the future part of the energy hiding behind this almost 1 ºC Global Warming,
3.  Reduction of the fresh water deficiency (drinking, spring, lake, river, soil, subsoil and underground waters, the glaciers in the mountains and the polar ice caps) on our planet and reduction of all the harmful effects from the fresh water deficiency, including most of all: 
  – hampering the development of billions small vermins, such as the woodworms, which destroy forests and the small rodents, which destroy crops;
  – reaching in the future higher effectiveness of the agricultural production, saving it from long droughts;
  – saving from starvation now and in the future, of hundred millions of people around the globe.
4.  Reduction of the strenght and the number of droughts, fires, storms, floods, and the deluges on the planet.